Maureen Obey

Still life and Landscape Artist in Oils

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. ~ Pablo Picasso


Welcome ~ I hope you’ve enjoyed my work.  I love capturing what moves me whether it’s a favorite place, a glorious sky or a copper kettle.  I am in constant mode of learning and will be updating this site as I have new work so please don’t hesitate to revisit and share.   If you have any questions on a particular painting feel free to contact me below.  I will return the email  as soon as possible. I also do commission work so if you have a special place that you want to capture, or favorite things that you would like brought together in a still life please send me a quick email. I would be happy to call you and discuss the specifics.

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About Maureen

Maureen Obey

My earliest memory of art is standing by my mom while she doodled with a pencil showing me how to shade in the beautiful shapes and then while trying to duplicate this magic getting into trouble with the nuns when I tried doing that on my papers in school! I used to draw in the dirt with sticks and cry when the rain washed my masterpieces away. I remember being so proud when winning an award in 8th grade for my rendition of some dancers, I think they were Irish. The time though that stands out as THE pivotal moment was when at 15 I saw the painting THE STANDARD BEARER OF THE HARVEST FESTIVAL by Antonio Mancini at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It literally took my breath away and through all the years ahead I never forgot that moment and how it made me feel. I returned to the museum many years later. Tears filled my eyes as I slowly breathed in this masterpiece once again.
With no formal art education, In my early twenties I delved into the art world holding only a charcoal pencil copying portraits of singers off my music albums. Not much time later thinking I had that down pretty good and being in a hurry to learn as much as I could, I began watercolor. I was enthralled with the magic of watercolor but somehow my paintings came out so dark that the instructor suggested I might be better with oil or acrylic. Once my three kids were older I did find the time to begin oil classes and discovered I adored that creamy texture and freedom of mixing colors. I try and grow by challenging myself whenever I get the chance, learning new techniques and everything I can to make myself a better painter. I want to paint moments that stand out for me, that make me catch my breath. I want to and need to share that feeling with others using canvas and a brush. It’s sometimes hard because at times everywhere I look I feel there is a painting to be done. I am now adding pastel to my work because the richness in colors always makes me stand still and soak it in. I’ll never want to stop learning and why would I since I’m having the time of my life living in my stretch zone. “You use a mirror to see your face, you use works of art to see your soul” George Bernard Shaw